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Our ongoing intention is to make our website, content and services accessible for all, including clear, fast-loading, easily navigable content.

If you’re having difficulty with viewing, accessing or understanding any of the content on this website, please contact us – we want to help with your immediate needs, and welcome your feedback: Please contact us directly at 239-542-5812 or reservations@hideawayflorida.com.

Our staffed office and front-desk hours are 8:30AM to 11:00PM, 365 days a year. During our staffed hours, we may be away briefly for a room check, to assist a guest, etc. If you leave a message, or email us and we do not provide an immediate response, please know that we will return your call or respond to your email as quickly as we can.

An after-hours emergency number is provided to guests and those arriving on location. If you need assistance after hours and are not on location,  contact us using our regular number or email and we’ll respond as soon as quickly as we can.

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