Hideaway Waterfront Hotel’s Guest Rooms

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All Hotel Guest Rooms overlook the pool, and are supplied with… Complete furnishings including: Choice of two full size or one queen size bed, refrigerator, electric range, microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, all kitchen utensils: dishes, pots, pans silverware, cups, plates, etc.; Complimentary wireless Internet, cable TV, remote ceiling fan, AC/heat. Guest Rooms only overlook the heated pool and do not overlook the water. Rooms are about one half the size of our Guest Suites, with approximately 250+ sq ft..

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Hotel Guest Rooms Current Rate: $115*

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Amenities include… remote ceiling fan and TV are provided in each hotel Guest Room which include complimentary cable and wireless internet. Guest Rooms overlook the large heated resort pool. Located just a few steps to the rear is the waterfront deck area with views of boat traffic, jumping fish and dolphins. The 2500 sq ft deck extends out over the waterway complete with tiki huts, boat slips, guest barbecue, coconut and palm trees. Spectacular sunrises await you each morning. See a guest-made video on YouTube (below, video features a Guest Room).

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